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Today’s Tuesday Thingers question, courtesy of The Boston Bibliophile, is:
Why LT?

Why did you choose to open and maintain an LT account? Do you/did you use other online cataloging/social networking sites, like GoodReads or Shelfari? Do you use more than one? Are they different or do they serve different purposes?

Well, I don’t feel ashamed to admit this (because clearly I am surrounded by book obsessed people like myself).  I began cataloging my library about a year or so ago.  I used Microsoft Excel, and had categories for: title, author, genre, series, location, paperback/hardcover, new/used, etc….  My main reason is that I had just discovered library sales, and book festivals (how did I not know about these before?), and I didn’t want to be buying the same book twice.  Lol, I printed it out and it was over ten pages or so, but I stapled them together and carried them in my purse, and would pull them out when I was thinking about grabbing a book.  And it did help!  Then I thought, hmm I think I’ll add a category for ISBNs.  (Why? I’m not sure… I guess just because I’m a geek and wanted to be thorough)  Copying those numbers down though was a pain!  It was actually my dad who discovered LT through some newspaper ad.  I checked it out, loaded my 200 books on, and decided that this was perfect. I got a lifetime account, and then a scanner when I realized doing them all individually would take forever! 

Now I’m obsessed with LT.  Through it I’ve met a lot of great people, and once I discovered the ER program– free books.  From there I heard if you start a book blog, you could get more free books. So Kathleeen’s Book Reviews was born!  I haven’t checked out Goodreads or Shelfari, right now I spend more time than I should on LT 🙂


How about you?  (I’ll be out of town for the next couple days, with *gasp* no internet access, so I won’t be able to check out everyone else’s posts until then!)


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